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Cyanotype – Workshop

Cyanotype is the environmentally friendly analog printing technique.

Currently I am not giving offline workshops in my studio.
At Freie Kunst Akademie Augsburg I uploaded a workshop on Cyanotype on Glass for self study at home.
All of them are in German.
Or you can buy a DIY Box with long instructions on the Makery.

Book here: theMakery

In this intimate workshop you can transform your holiday pictures into beautiful artwork. In the studio of the MAHLOWER EINS collective you will learn one of the first photographic printing techniques.

What is Cyanotype?

Cyanotype is an old analogue photo printing technique developed in 1842. Instead of silver grains – as in the classical black/white-photography – one develops very stable pigments in prussian blue (or berlin blue). Also: one only needs water for the fixation and the chemicals are in most concentrations nontoxic for the environment and yourself. So you can completely focus on the artistic process.

What will we do in the workshop?

In 4 exciting hours you will learn this creative technique and will print your own photos on different materials. First on paper and at the end even on wood.

Once printed the pictures can be toned with coffee or tea. In the second part of the afternoon you will learn this art of coloring the prints.

Whether on paper or on wood, your pictures will appear in a different light and you will not only take your artwork, but also a lot of knowledge about alternative photography.

What am I taking home?

A lot of prints, one of them on wood and a lot of knowlege about analog photography.

Where and when?

The workshop is held in the basement of MAHLOWER EINS. The dates can be chosen when booking and the time is always from 1-6pm.

What else?

You will send me the photos you want to print before the workshop. About 4 days before you will get an email with the details.

You can find some examples of cyanotype art here.

If you are a larger group or need special attention, please let me know. instagram: @dead_uncle_photography or email zee(_at_)

Here is an article on about the experience.